Sunday: the one day it’s peaceful in São Paulo

Parque da Aclimação

Yes, there is nature in São Paulo.

Despite being a huge metropolis, many businesses are closed on Sundays. Sometimes it seems like the only things open are bakeries and churches. I used to go crazy because while everyone else seemed content to spend the day watching the game (and there is always a game on Sunday), I wanted to go do things on my day off. Drive somewhere. See something. What do you mean we’re just gonna sit here for hours and chat over a beer?

It’s a lesson in patience for sure. I’ve taken to walking in Parque da Aclimação, which on the weekends is full of joggers, skateboarders, soccer players, ice cream vendors, dogs, kids and people just hanging out. It’s actually made me able to appreciate the beauty of doing nothing. I observe the birds picking at the slices of papaya left out for them, or gaze at the clear lake that is in the shape of Brazil. This is being peaceful, and I may actually like it.


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