Spanish is Not Portuguese: Ten Words That Sound the Same But Aren’t

As a native Spanish speaker, I have an enormous advantage when learning Portuguese. Out of the Romance languages, they’re probably the most similar. However, I’ve learned very quickly that not every word is what it sounds like. Here are a few examples of words that sound the same but have different meanings.

Spanish: rushed
Portuguese: heightened or sensitive

Spanish: drunk or drunk woman
Portuguese: rubber

Still can't help but giggle.

No, this is not a bar.

Spanish: cup
Portuguese: toilet bowl

Spanish: nickname
Portuguese: (Sobrenome) last name

Spanish: last name
Portuguese: (Apelido) nickname

Someone between Spain and Portugal got their names mixed up. Source:

Someone long ago got their names mixed up between Portugal and Spain.

Spanish: desk
Portuguese: office

Spanish: office
Portuguese: workshop

Spanish: to hit
Portuguese: to grab

Ai If I...Hit You? Photo Credit: Igor Duarte

Ai If I…Hit You? (Credit: Igor Duarte)

Spanish: pregnant
Portuguese: tangled

Spanish: excited
Portuguese: moved emotionally

Emocionada em português. Source: Twitter

Emocionado em português. (Source: Twitter)

Emocionado en español. Credit: GTres

Emocionado en español. (Credit: GTres)


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