Music to Inspire: Viver Com Amor

I’ve had this song by Ivete Sangalo on my iPod for several years now, but it came on in my Shuffle today, and for some reason I really listened to it. It’s called “Viver com Amor” or To Live With Love. The lyrics are relatively simple: (translation mine)

  • Seja paciente
    Não esquente a cabeça
    Deixe a vida rolar
    Pode amar sem medo
    Que a felicidade um dia chega
    Mas não marque a hora
    Tente abrir seu coração
    Voar com os pés no chão
    Não deixe virar a canoa
    Viver com amor
  • Be patient
    Don’t get hot headed
    Let life roll
    You can love without fear
    Because one day happiness will come
    But it will come unannounced
    Try to open your heart
    Fly with your feet on the ground
    Don’t let the canoe turn over
    Live with love!

I’ve loved this song for awhile, mainly because of the way the music builds up and releases with “Viver com amor! Ohhhh,” but I think it needs to be my anthem. As an expat it’s easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed, especially in a city where you need a lot of patience and strength to survive. But I’m going to keep going, while singing along with Ivete.


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