The radical urbanists that sparked Brazilian protests

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Urban resistance has rocked Brazil since June 2013. On the largest day of protests, 20 June, two million citizens took to the streets in over 100 cities and municipalities. One million marched on the streets of Rio de Janeiro until police fired tear gas, flash grenades, pepper spray, and rubber bullets from police lines, helicopters, motorcycles, and armored trucks. Both national and international media scrambled to explain the uprisings, allowing far-flung experts, everyone from Manuel Castells to Francis Fukiyama to Slavoj Zizek, to mold the protests to their respective academic theories and political ideologies. But the reality of the Brazilian resistance is not easily summed up in a single essay. From the cacophony of voices on the streets, one usually hears what they listen for.

Rather than attempt to explain the sudden swell of resistance in urban Brazil, in this post I give a short overview of the activist…

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