Shopping Indie in São Paulo



Rua Augusta, 1372

São Paulo shopping guides will usually direct you two different ways: Rua 25 de Março, where you can find almost anything for cheap, and its polar opposite Rua Oscar Freire, which boasts high end labels and prices to match. I don’t like the quality of the former, and I’m too poor for the latter. Also I feel like there’s a dress code just for walking down that security guard-laden street. No matter, I’ve found an alternative that’s more my style.

Located on the eclectic Rua Augusta, Endossa is a “collaborative store” that sells goods by small businesses, a brick and mortar Etsy if you will. A small business can rent a space and is given a sales goal to meet. If they meet the goal, they are kept on, and if they fail to deliver, they are replaced by a new business. According to the store, each purchase is an endosso, or endorsement, giving the customer the power to decide which businesses stay. The only restrictions is no perishables and no goods with government restrictions (e.g., tobacco, alcohol).

Vendors get a space or shelf to display their wares. Photo Source:

Vendors get a space or shelf to display their wares.
Photo Source:

As a customer, I was excited to find somewhere with interesting, unique clothes, artwork, jewelry and kitschy knick knacks that for the most part are reasonably priced. I like discovering independent businesses and seeing what kind of creations they come up with. Because I need an Edward Scissorhands doll in my life.

Edward Mãos de Tesoura, Edward Scissorhands

Edward Mãos de Tesoura, as he’s known in Brazil. From Toys & Arts da Liz

Endossa has another location in São Paulo in Aclimação, as well as ones in Curitiba and Brasília.


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