Rallies in Rio, São Paulo and Brasília DF honor the memory Cláudia Ferreira, a black woman that was shot and dragged to her death

Sadly this issue has not gotten the coverage it deserves, at least in São Paulo. Cláudia Ferreira is not the first nor the last victim of abuse, but her story deserves to be shared.

Black Women Of Brazil


 Note from BW of Brazil: As we have seen far too many times to count, the country of the World Cup continues to be a country where people routinely lose their lives in senseless manners that show little regard for human life. Although 50 years has passed since the beginning of a brutal Military Dictatorship that lasted for 21 years (1964-1985), sometimes it’s hard to tell that Brazilians aren’t still living in that dark period. With murder rates more fitting for a country at war and Military Police that routinely murder and discriminate against young, black youth, one can understand how some Brazilians ask, “what’s changed?” Last month, the shooting of a poor black woman and the subsequent dragging of her body on the ground from the back of a police van enraged many and once again showed to the world the (little) value of life in…

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