For Better or For Worse

Part of "Calar A Boca Nunca Mais" ("Be Silent Never Again") exhibition at Matilha Cultural

Part of “Calar A Boca Nunca Mais” (“Be Silent Never Again”) exhibition at Matilha Cultural

Today while I was out, I got word that the buses were going on strike and that the metro was shutting down at 6 PM. My class was dismissed early so we could catch the metro in time or figure out a way home. We found out that only some of the buses were on strike, a hopeful sign. I walked all the way down Domingos de Moraes until I reached the bus terminal outside of the Vila Mariana metro station, in hopes I could find a bus that could take me home. The terminal was full of people, more than usual, with some waiting, some making phone calls, some heading up to the taxi stop in front, and many asking each other when or if the bus was coming. I waited awhile but eventually joined the many others who decided to walk it out.

I was a lucky one since my apartment is only a half hour walk away. Not to mention, it’s a relatively safe area with lots of people around, I’m physically able to walk long distances, I didn’t have a lot of things to carry, and I was wearing sneakers. (The very uneven streets here are unkind to any sort of shoes with subpar support.) On the way, the song “Moro no Brasil” by Farofa Carioca came on my iPod shuffle, which I thought was most appropriate. For better or for worse, it’s an interesting time to be living here now.

Moro no Brasil 
Não sei se eu moro muito bem ou muito mal 
Só sei que agora faço parte do país 
A inteligência é fundamental 

I live in Brazil
I don’t know if I live really well or really badly
I only know I’m now a part of the country
Intelligence is fundamental.


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