Home, One of Them

I’ve written about the idea of home and finding a sense of belonging numerous times, but I got a recent photo challenge to capture Home in an image. A year ago this may have stumped me, but I’ve come to realize there are in fact multiple places that feel like home, although they’re home in different ways.

With regard to SP, this image below sums up home for me. It’s the part of my walk where I’m nearly at my apartment. It’s the highest point of the hilly road, and I feel like I’m above the Paulista skyscrapers I see ahead. Despite the insane wiring hanging above, I feel a sense of calm, a sense of simple joy. This is home.



One thought on “Home, One of Them

  1. Now you have me thinking about “home.” It isn’t the farm where I was raised, though that place is near and dear to my heart. It certainly isn’t any place in New Jersey, where I lived for nearly 10 years. The closest thing to it is Uberlândia, where I met and married my wife, and where my children were born. Still, is it home? Ah, now I have to think some more.

    Nice photo, by the way. 🙂

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