Water: We Have None

My photo challenge today is themed water, which is ironic since São Paulo is experiencing a maddening drought. People around the city have had their water cut off, some have mud coming out of their tap, and protesters have taken to the streets to demand government action. I’ve been lucky so far as to still have water, but I know it’s just a matter of time until I’ll have to buy bottled water to take a shower, like so many others have done. The most frustrating part is that we’ve been hearing about it for awhile now, with an update every so often on how low the reserves are, but nothing seems to have been done about it. A number of NGOs have recently partnered together to create Aliança Pela Água (Alliance For Water) in order to join resources to look for solutions, but no real action has been taken by the government, where the real change needs to take place.

On that note, I present my photo of a fountain, taken at one of the million mini-shopping malls on Paulista. It’s beautiful, but not functioning.



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